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Australian Army Field Manuals

Australian Army Field ManualsAverage ratng: 5,0/5 1595 reviews

Field Manuals. Place your order today: 8. Billings Army Navy Surplus. N. 2. 9th St. Billings MT 5. Store Hours: Mon- Fri: 9 am – 6 pm MTSat: 9 am – 5: 3. MTSun: Noon – 5 pm MT.

Australian Army Field Manuals

Of those on active service, 2. Of those taken prisoner, 8.

Service records. To find a service record for a World War II serviceperson, see Army . They cover every aspect of the war, and include evacuation plans, defence production, development of the Commonwealth War Book, censorship of broadcasts and films, rationing of clothing and food, food production, security investigation files, air raid precautions, records of the Australian Women. You will need to target your search by undertaking keyword or other searches, and specifying that you only want records within particular date ranges . The records highlighted below, dealing with several issues of domestic concern during the war, represent only a small proportion of the series held. Japanese air raids on Darwin. The first bombs were dropped on Darwin on 1.

Australian Army Reserve. Australia's military history began with the British marines who came with the first fleet to man the penal colonies and to set up outposts on. A Sergeant of the Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery wears a white lanyard over his right shoulder. Although not mentioned in the various Dress Manuals from. Series 2 and 2a - Deep Bronze Green Gloss In the 1950's the Australian Army fleet were painted Deep Bronze Green gloss from the. Australian internet bookshop. Click below, for instant purchase via our online shop. Click here for online shop. AUSTRALIAN PSYOP OF THE VIETNAM WAR. Friedman (Ret.) “ Victoria per Mentem” -- “Victory through the Mind” The Flag of Australia. Office of medical history amedd regiment amedd museum : history of the office of medical history.

February 1. 94. 2 when Japanese aircraft were launched from four aircraft carriers in the Timor Sea. A second wave of bombers attacked later the same day. At least 2. 43 people were killed and between 3. Twenty military aircraft were destroyed, eight ships at anchor in the harbour were sunk, and most civil and military facilities in Darwin were destroyed.

At Army Surplus World we have the best value and the best seller in camo netting. The cloth is impregnated with different patterns on each side. The Australian Army was the largest service in the Australian military during World War II. Prior to the outbreak of war the Australian Army was split into the small.

With Singapore having fallen to the Japanese only days earlier, and concerned at the effect of the bombing on national morale, the government announced to the rest of Australia that only 1. Believing an invasion was imminent, approximately half Darwin. The civilian and military panic that followed the bombing was such that the government ordered an immediate investigation by a Commission of Inquiry. The air attacks on Darwin continued until November 1.

Digital military training manuals for the armed forces covering various training and operations.

Japanese had bombed Darwin 6. Northern Australia generally was also the target of Japanese air attack, with bombs being dropped on Townsville, Katherine, Wyndham, Derby, Broome and Port Hedland. Japanese midget submarine attacks. On the night of 3.

May 1. 94. 2 three Japanese midget submarines attacked Sydney Harbour. One of the submarines became entangled in the boom net at the entrance to the harbour and was destroyed by the crew.

Another fired a torpedo which sank the depot ship HMAS Kuttabul with the loss of 1. A third submarine was attacked with depth charges and sunk by vessels of the RAN. Japanese submarine attacks along the Australian coastline continued until June 1. The submarine campaign sank 1. Centaur) and claimed 5. The Twilight Zone Soundtrack Free Download on this page.

Rather than being a precursor to invasion, the attacks were intended to isolate Australia and hinder its war effort. Chemical warfare trials. During World War II, the Australian Chemical Warfare Research and Experimental Section, under the guidance of the Chemical Defence Board, conducted trials in Australia of chemical weapons and chemical defence measures under tropical conditions. The trials involved the firing of shells, mortar bombs, aircraft bombs and other experimental munitions filled with chemical agents.

The trials were conducted both in the field and in gas chambers, and included tests on the effectiveness of chemical agents (gases, liquids and irritating ointments) and the effectiveness of a range of protective equipment, especially respirators and impregnated clothing. Between 1. 94. 3 and 1. The subjects used in the early trials were students from Melbourne University, but once the trial program became more established, most of the volunteers were servicemen, the majority of whom had battle experience. The scientists conducting the trials on occasions used themselves as subjects. Animals were also used.

Trials were conducted at Port Wakefield, Singleton, Forbes, Grafton, Humpty Doo, Innisfail, Proserpine, Townsville and Brook Island (Qld). The records of the Chemical Defence Board include: Other records dealing with chemical warfare: Some records of the Munitions Supply Laboratories are also relevant.

Other records. See also information about records of World War II internees and prisoners of war.

Maint. manuals. Contact us At.. Maintenance manual and instruction. March 1. 94. 4. Austin Champ. Technical handbook.

Emers. Technical description,Unit repairs,Field repairs,Base repairs. G. S.,4x. 4,Cargo and FFW.

Austin Champ, Running and maintenance instructions. Civilian. Austin Gypsy. May 1. 95. 8. Austin Gypsy.

Jan 1. 95. 4. Austin Loadstar. G. S. Service manual.

Cat. no. 1. 01/AN/1. Jan 1. 95. 1. Ford W. O. A. 1. Instruction book. V8- 3. 0h. p. Staff car. January 1. 94. 1. Guy Ant. Contract V. Guy Ant. Instruction book.

War Office chassis. Contract T. 8. 10. Hillman, light utility, truck, 4x. June 1. 94. 4. Maint manual and. Hillman Utility Vehicle.

Instruction book. MK1. 1A. April 1. Hillman Minx. Deluxe and touring saloons. Oct. 1. 94. 2. Hillman Minx. Instruction book.

Sept 1. 93. 9. From chassis. Humber Snipe Utility Vehicle. Instruction book. W. O. contract. V3. V3. 48. 2. Landrover instruction book. Part no. 4. 10. 2. June. 1. 95. 6. 5.

Land- Rover. Workshop manual. Part one. Series 1. A. Covers. engines, 2. SAS, 3/4ton,Rover 1.

Technical handbook. Feb 1. 97. 0. Morris Commercial. G. S.,Wireless,Light warning and. Maintenance manual and instruction book. Book no. 1. 01/ML5. A. Morris 1. 00. 0. AKD 5. 30. N. Morris Commercial.

Compression ignition. Type CDD. 2. Workshop manual. Mutt,M1. 51. A2 Series. Technical manual. Organisational. maintenance. May 1. 98. 2. TM9- 2.

Pasrt One. Mutt,M1. A2 Series. Technical manual. Organisational. maintenance. May 1. 98. 2. TM9- 2. Part Two. Standard 1.

Standard Vanguard. Phase 3. MK3. 4 Seater saloon,CL,4x. LHD models. Technical manual. W. O. code 1. 83. March 1. 95. 7. Scammell. Mechanical horse and Trivan.

Instruction book. Willys truck. Oct. Medium. Austin 3ton, Commercial vehicle.

Oct 1. 94. 3. Austin 2 and 5 ton trucks and series. Jan 1. 95. 4. Austin Ambulance. Maintenance manual and. Austin 3 t. 0n lorry,Anti tank Portee and General service 4x.

Model K2. A cargo and Model K2. July. 1. 94. 3. Austin K9,Technical handbook, chassis, 1 ton, GS,4x. Emer. D6. 02. Also has supplement No. Body,1 ton,GS,cargo,MK. Body,1. ton,GS,cargo,(RAF cargo),Body 1 ton,GS,fitted for wireless,Body,1. GS,wireless light,Body,1 ton,GS radio repair,MK3.

Sept 1. 95. 4. Bedford S type. Covers models SLZ,SLC,SLD,SLP,SSZ,SSC,SST,SA,SB.

Bedford. Shop manual. Models K,M and O. Technical. handbook. Army code no. 2. 09. Bedford RL,dropside.

F1. 75/6wpf instr no. Issue 1. Dec. 19.

Bedford TJ and TK. Covers. 2. 14cu. inch. Petrol,engine and clutch. TS. 5. 03. Bedford Trucks and Coaches 1. Gasoline and diesel. Bedford Trucks and Coaches 1.

Transmission and rear. Bedford Trucks and Coaches 1. Front. axle,susp,wheels,steering and cab. Bedford Trucks and Coaches 1. Brakes. Bedford Trucks and Coaches 1.

Electrical equipment. Bedford Trucks and Coaches 1. Diesel engine 8. 2. Bedford TJ/TK. Training manual.

TS. 5. 05. 1. 96. Bedford, 3 ton, 4x. Ql,QLB,QLD,QLR,QLT. Bedford, OWL,OWS,OWB, and Bedford- Scammell tractor. Wartime models issued for civilian. MW 1. 5cwt, OX 3.

CWT, OY 3ton lorry. Instruction book. Aug 1. 94. 3. Bedford TL Series.

Workshop manual. Covers,cab heater, air. Phaser 4 and 6 cyl,1. Commer. Drivers instruction book. Superpoise vehicles. Pub no. 2. 35. Commer. Instruction book for 1. Cylinder) Suprpoise.

Q2. Pub no. 2. 62. Commer, 3ton,4wd, Cross country model. Pub no. 5. 91. 1. Commer,chassis,3 ton,GS,4x. Technical handbook. H1. 52. Dec. 1. 95. Over 3. 30 sides.

Chevrolet 3/4ton(LC). Maint manual. TM1. Nov. 1. 94. 1. Chevrolet passenger cars, Chevrolet, Maple leaf and GMC. Shop manual. Dec 1. Covers 1. 94. 1 and 1. Chevrolet 1/2,1 and 2 ton trucks. Maple Leaf 2. 5 and 3 ton trucks, Chevrolet.

C. O. E truck,G. M. C. 1/2,1,2,2. 5,3 ton truck, and 2 ton C. O. E. Over 2. 87. Chevrolet Inst. Built for. British W. D. July 1. Edition. Chevrolet Inst.

Maintenance manual. MB- C1. 1. 5cwt 4x. Heavy Utility 4x. Field artillery. tractor 4x. April 1. 94. 2. Covers 2. A model identification,B drivers.

C Lubrication,D wheels and tyres, E Brakes,F front axle, G. Steering,H Rear axle and driveshaft,I springs and shock absorbers,J Frame, K. Engine, LClutch,M Transmission, N Transfer case,O Winch, O cooling system,Q fuel. R Electrical,S cab and sheet metal,T maintenance requirements. U. specifications and special tool list.

Z index. Canadian Military Pattern Vehicles. Maintenance manual. MB- C2. 1. 5cwt 4x. Heavy Utility 4x. Field artillery. tractor 4x. September 1. 94. 3. Dodge 3/4 ton,4x.

TM9- 8. 08. Technical manual. Jan. 1. 94. 4. Over 3. Dodge T- 1. 10. L- 5. Maintenance manual. Instruction book for model 1.

B. Oct 1. 94. 4. Dodge Trucks.