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Download Ff7 Psx Ita

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Download Ff7 Psx Italy Earthquake

Download Ff7 Psx Ita

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The first Cait Sith is destroyed in the Temple of Ancients and is replaced by another. Add another 1 (Reeve) to this 2 and you get 3.

In the Mural room in the Temple of Ancients, there are nine pillars in the room, eight on the wall and one different looking pillar, characterized by a sphere at its top, that is located on the altar on the right side of the room. There are eight torches in the room with another point of light represented by the Black Materia illusion float- ing above the pillar. The Black Materia illusion is a light color when we first see it, but turns dark after we touch it. I've found other repititions of three in the game, but I've basically illustrated my point enough for the numerical pattern to become evident. Replay the game and look for your- selves. All of the charaters ages in the game are multiples of three with the exception of Aeris, Tifa, and Yuffie (all of which are potential love interest for Cloud, although it is very difficult to see the 'date' with Yuffie, and I have never taken the time to get it).

Aeris' age is 2. 2, the same as the number of paths interconnecting the branches of the Tree of Life. Tifa's age is 2. 0, I'm not really sure what this means, but I think that zero in the number may be meant to somehow symbolize Tifa's secret from Cloud. Yuffie's age is sixteen, multiply 1. These are: 1. Cloud, Aeris, and Zak 2. Cloud, Aeris, and Tifa 3.

Cloud, Aeris, and Sephiroth. Add the numerical points of these character triangles and you will get 9, the number that always returns to itself.

These triangles serve to illustrate various choices that Cloud makes during the game which are fundamental to his growth.

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