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Download One More Night Maroon 5 Mp3 Mobile

Download One More Night Maroon 5 Mp3 MobileAverage ratng: 3,6/5 8390 reviews

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This Love (Maroon 5 song). The song was written by frontman Adam Levine and keyboardist Jesse Carmichael for their debut album, Songs About Jane (2. The track is built around a piano- led strut, which is immediately followed by synth percussion, and a repeating guitar sound. The song's lyrics are based on Levine's break- up with an ex- girlfriend. He revealed that the song was written in the . It was released on January 2.

Download One More Night Maroon 5 Mp3 Mobile

Songs About Jane. The single entered the top ten on most charts, topping several of Billboard magazine's component charts, including reaching the number one spot on the Hot Adult Top 4. Tracks chart. The music video was met with controversy, regarding extended intimate scenes between Levine and his then- girlfriend. The song won Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals at the 2.

Grammy Awards, and, to date, is one of Maroon 5's most successful songs. In an interview with MTV News in August 2. Maroon 5 vocalist Adam Levine revealed that he wrote the song the day his girlfriend moved away when they broke up. She was literally leaving town within days of me writing the lyrics to 'This Love,' so I was in prime emotional condition to write a song with that kind of conflict. I was so sick of typical lyrics like 'Ooh, baby' and 'I love you' and all this vague shit. I thought the more explicit I got without being totally explicit was a nice approach.

The little girls would enjoy them, and it would go right over my grandparents' heads. But it would hit my ex- girlfriend like a ton of bricks. They won't let me say, 'Keep her coming every night', and they took the sinking out of 'sinking my fingertips'.

It's like communist China. It's totally bizarre. In the Rolling Stone review of the album, critic Christian Hoard wrote: . It might make a foot tap, a head nod or even a booty shake if played at a loud volume.

Mayer was also positive towards the song. It's one of those perfect songs you always hope to write. In 2. 00. 7, the song re- entered the chart at the number 3. Billboard's Hot Digital Songs. In the United Kingdom, it reached the number three spot in the UK Singles Chart on May 1, 2. The video combines performance footage from the band in a courtyard built at Mack Sennett Studios and scenes of Adam Levine parting ways with a woman.

That video was a very 'pop star' thing to do. The video used creative camera angles, thereby avoiding possible FCC action. It was totally comfortable.

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Retrieved February 1. Free Carmen Hayes Movie Downloads. British Phonographic Industry. Enter This Love in the field Keywords. Select Title in the field Search by. Select single in the field By Format. Select Silver in the field By Award.

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