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Drivers Education Car Signs

Drivers Education Car SignsAverage ratng: 4,6/5 9658 reviews

Driver Education Student Driver Corrugated Plastic NHE- 1. I am so THANKFUL for Compliance signs. I LOVE the fact that my Driver's Ed sign was already assembled when shipped to my house. It's EASY to take off the top of my car, even w/one hand, and also SCRATCH PROOF. I have purchased other Driver's Ed signs(the tri- top cheese sign)several times, from another company,and became DISSATISFIED, because of the SCRATCHES it left on top of my vehicle, and when removing the tri- top sign. The magnet would be SO STRONG that it would pull the sign apart and BREAK off.

Student Driver Signs. Vehicle Rooftop Sign for: Professional Driving Schools. Public School Education Programs. Community Driver Education Programs.

Student Driver Vehicle Safety Signs from 5-star vendor. Big selection of US-made signs and labels with easy ordering, low-price-promise, fast shipment.

Instructional Vehicles. Activated in the upright position, clearly identifies the vehicle to other traffic. In the folded- down position, it is unobtrusive and nearly invisible to others on the road. The reflective yellow background is designed to increase visibility on the road after dark. Part No. S1. 22- 0. Sign Folded Down when not in use. Features Signs can be raised and locked upright or folded and locked down when not in use.

Student driver magnets from identify new drivers. Create custom student driver magnetic signs online. Cheap student driver car magnets with fast shipping!

The Easy- to- operate, Single- Handle Control System unlocks the sign from either position. Signs are also available in a non- folding version. RUST FREE, Constructed of Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Coated Steel components. Structural aluminum guards help protect the lamps from damage. Clamp- on Ski- Rack type installation and Bolt- to- Roof type installation options are available. Simplified mounting with easy- to- understand instructions. Colors, Materials, and Design meet applicable D.

  • Online ordering of Driver Education car signs, magnets and bumper stickers quickly shipped within 24 hours to anywhere in the US.
  • Get the right coverage and avoid overpaying with our tips and information about auto insurance. Top Five Ways Drivers Education Helps Your Teen.
  • Car Topper Triangle; Magnetic Signs; Magnet Bus. Magnetic Signs Student Driver. Driver Training Products is a subsidiary of Inventive Driver Education.
  • The shapes and colors of signs indicate the type of information a sign will contain. Learn more about traffic signs at

O. T. Signs can be tailored to meet specific state or local regulations, as required. Specifications. Construction and Materials Frame is all welded, structural aluminum. Operating mechanisms are aluminum and stainless steel. Mounting hardware and hinges are stainless steel and coated steel. One- quarter inch thick rubber foot pads protect vehicle finish. Lettering and coloring are permanently silk- screened onto reflective vinyl material with a permanent adhesive backing, and are laminated with a MYLAR covering. The material is applied to both sides of the one- piece formed aluminum panel.

Mounting Sign can be mounted on virtually any hard- style auto, truck, or van roof. Hardware is available for either clamp- on ski- rack type or bolt- through- roof type installation. Detailed mounting instructions are provided. Dimensions Upright: 1. HIGGINS  ASSOCIATES, LLC8. Main Street. Acton, MA 0. Limited Warranty.

J. Higgins Associates, LLC will, for one year after the original date of purchase, replace, at no charge, all sign parts, except light bulbs and fuses, which fail as a result of defects in materials or workmanship and which are returned, shipping prepaid, to J. Dotnet Books Free Download here. Higgins Associates, LLC.

Drivers Education Car Signs

Student Driver Products is proud to offer the finest selection of student driver education supplies & equipment. Thank you for visiting our website dedicated to magnetic student driver signs, decals and stickers. At Student Driver Car Magnets, we. Order Part Number: S122-0007 for the standard STUDENT DRIVER sign. Community Driver Education Programs; Instructional Vehicles.

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