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Electrical Power System Pdf

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How reactive power is helpful to maintain a system healthy. Following can said in the answer to the question “What is reactive power?”It is power associated with the net zero energy transfer over a integer multiple of cycles of supply. Also following is worth to note : In case of say, induction machine, the reactive power is responsible for the magnetic field, which is the,a must medium for energy transfer. Now this field strength has to be constant so that the machine magnetic circuit do not saturate.

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So the magnetic field must not get any amount energy once it is fully developed. At the same time, a continuous flow of current has to be there in order to have the flux. The flux is there as long as the current flows in the stator winding. These both can happen only if the current responsible for machine magnetization, over a cycle (to be more specific even a half cycle) , do not become a tool for transfer of energy from source to machine magnetic field.

So, here there is the role of reactive power. Website With Download Movies.

The following list describes all the safety components used in electrical traction elevator safety system: Device for locking landing doors (Hoistway Door Interlock). 142 electrical interview questions and answers pdf 1. 142 electrical interview questions and answers Useful materials.

The University of Maine.

Electrical Power System Pdf
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