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Fjr1300 Service Manual 2008

Fjr1300 Service Manual 2008Average ratng: 4,3/5 8842 reviews

2008 Yamaha FJR1300A Road Test from Rider Magazine. The only thing I would still change on this wonderful motorcycle is the color. New Text Document.txt 30. 2008-2009 Majesty YP400X Part #11616-21-34 (no changes for 2009) 31. 2008-2009 WR250FX Part # LIT-11626-21-56 (no changes for 2009).

Fjr1300 Service Manual 2008

Yamaha FJR1. 30. 0 long term review (updated 2. Possibly the most in depth review of the current series Yamaha FJR1. I have now completed a few tours and (3. June 2. 01. 6) on a 2.

FJR1. 30. 0 and feel able to give a detailed review of the bike and talk about some its strengths and weaknesses. I feel the bikes character has never really been fully explored in the other brief magazine reviews online that seem mostly based on short rides and are rehashed press releases. Please bear in mind my words relate to how the motorcycle fits my body and my riding style which is going to be unique based on my experiences and current point in life – what suits you is going to be equally unique. Twisty roads here are nothing like what people consider twisty roads in North America. Switchback one lane mountain turns or decreasing radius off camber corners are the norm. Most twisty roads here are 2nd gear, some 1st gear, if I shift up to 3rd I am on what in Japan might be called a wide sweeping road. If I am not using the nationwide tollroad highway network then I am unlikely to use 4th or 5th gear in a days riding – no kidding.

Fjr1300 Service Manual 2008

So nothing at all like the USA Pacific Coast highway one or even close to any of the roads I have ridden in my tour of the Northwest states and BC Canada. Lastly this is a ongoing dynamic article about my journey with the motorcycle not a static one day review meant to always sit comfortably with everyone. I am going to say I don’t like some things but keep calm folks I am not saying it is a bad bike just talking out loud – having a conversation with you - as I encounter things and find ways to make something work better for me personally in Japan or adjust to something that previously my smaller and lighter bikes did not challenge me with. First a recap how I came to currently be riding a FJR1. After owning a series of naked/standard bikes I moved to Japan with a clean slate I got to thinking what sort of riding I would be doing in the future (edit - this is before I explored the countryside and realised how small and narrow many roads are) and decided I would be focusing on tours of a few days or more. As much as I could tour on any motorcycle I decided that it might be a perfect time in my life to try something built specifically for this purpose.

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Thinking of touring three things came to mind I would like in a new motorcycle. Electronic cruise control was number one. If you have never experienced it you have no idea how good it is on long tours but wanting this eliminated the majority of  motorcycles on sale. Decent protection from cold wind was next on my mind as the best riding seasons here are Spring and Autumn when temps are still cold and days are sometimes fine. That really eliminated all the adventure bikes from my shopping list since I find bikini screens and half fairings fitted to these bikes to be poor at deflecting wind. In my experience riding a Versys, Caponord and Vstrom I’d just as soon have a full naked bike as the buffeting and turbulence I experienced on those adventures bikes was annoying.

Yes you can fit a huge screen but then in the heavy Japan traffic even in Spring or Autumn you will likely start to bake and often the oversized screens have wind vacuum issues. Lastly I need reasonable cornering clearance, not that I carve corners these days but with the couple of sporty cruisers I have test ridden I was all too soon grinding parts so I eliminated the touring cruiser motorcycles.

So (at the time of first writing) I was left the narrow field of the BMW R1. RT, BMW K1. 60. 0GT, Triumph Trophy, Yamaha FJR1. Honda Goldwing. I half had my mind made up to get a BMW R1. RT. It is a bike that I had previously ridden in North America and is the lightest of the bunch but the one I rented had some electrical faults that plagued the screen and cruise control and heated grips. That made me examine the brands reliability and it was hard to work out on the net if the brand has poor reliability or simply a lot of haters. Still many people are fans so I took a trip to my local BMW dealer and there lost interest totally after encountering a bunch of rude people with elitist bad attitude. The Yamaha shop on other hand was full of down to earth people who made me feel really at ease and confident to purchase from.

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