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Manual To Manhood Book

Manual To Manhood BookAverage ratng: 3,7/5 4828 reviews

Instructor's Manual - Fellowcraft. Overview for Instructors. Part One Review Session. Part Two Review of Pollard Booklet. Note: This material was scanned into text files for the sole purpose of convenient electronic research. This material is NOT intended as a reproduction of the. Stepping Up - Hardback. Anonymous User on 10/18/2011, said: It normally takes me forever to read a book like this, and this was certainly something i couldn't. Please read the page titled Optional Book Review Assignment in the manual before. Part of the document is. President Ezra Taft Benson (1899–1994) observed, “From the Book of Mormon we learn how disciples of Christ live in times of war” (in Conference Report. Marty Klein wrote a reaction to our original post on how porn is shaping young men’s sexual response. Klein suggested that science doesn’t empirically support our.

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Instructor's Manual - Fellowcraft. Overview for Instructors   Part One  Review Session   Part Two  Review of Pollard Booklet  Handout Materials    In the era of the operative builder, the Fellows of the Craft represented the professional Masons. They were mature men who had passed their years of apprenticeship and were skilled in the arts and the sciences of their calling. It was these men who would erect the houses of faith and temporal power which characterized their day. The Fellow Craft represented the craftsmen dedicated to learning, in both its moral and intellectual aspects. The instructor who has pondered the Fellow Craft Degree in an honest search for what it has to say to him during his years of manhood is bound to be of great help to the new Fellow Craft.

Manual To Manhood Book

Such an instructor will find a natural bond between himself and the man he wishes to assist, this bond has its substance in the community of human experience. Because it is necessary for the instructor and the new Fellow Craft to consider the full implication of the degree and not just its parts, an interpretation of the ritual has been included in the handout materials.

In addition, this overview ends with a discussion of the degree and the role of the instructor, which may serve to highlight the many facts of this degree. The second section provides an opportunity to review the historical development of the Fraternity as summarized in the accompanying Pollard Plan Booklet. Finally, the handout materials provide extended and alternative means of review and instruction. It is hoped that this material will stimulate the new Mason to contemplate the meaning of the Fellow Craft degree in his own life. The Degree in the Middle (A view of the Fellow Craft Degree and the Instructor's Role)  Although the Fellow Craft degree does not receive the attention it deserves, as the middle degree of Freemasonry and is often criticized by scholars of ritual, a careful scrutiny of our second degree leads the Masonic educator to a very different conclusion. A study of the degree leaves him wondering just how any program of Masonic education can do justice to this middle experience of Freemasonry which is as rich in color and design as a Persian rug and which has such a vital place in the three steps of the Master’s Carpet.

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The ritual presents only the briefest view of the development of the arts and the sciences and of their place in the story of the builder. With a few suggestive brush strokes, the ritual sets the stage for further inquiry.

We would neither expect nor desire the ritual to be set aside while a course in analytic geometry is conducted in order to convince the candidate that truly geometry . It is as difficult for the instructor to develop, in educational sessions, the considerations implied by the ritual, as it was for the Masons who first formulated the present degree. The instructor, however, can open doors, as it were, which will allow the new Fellow Craft to glimpse the wide vistas which spread out on every side from this . It is far from being cold and austere. As Masonic writers have often pointed out and as the lecture of the third degree makes manifest, our .

The Middle Chamber as a goal, the flight of winding stairs as a way, and our manhood as the stakes, are united in a presentation which has to do with the maturing human being as seen through the history of civilized society in general. It is obvious that we are not dealing with any particular chronological age when we consider Masonic manhood, but rather the period in life when a man must come to grips with human existence its joys, wonders and agonies. It is equally obvious that the . Any educational assistance which renders these points clearer to the new Mason is worth our effort and our careful planning. It is a point which has certainly been brought up by other students of Freemasonry.

This point of question has to do with the Orders of Architecture.

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