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Registered Nurse Resume Builder

Registered Nurse Resume BuilderAverage ratng: 4,5/5 1502 reviews

Registered Nurse (RN) . These professionals possess the knowledge and skills to apply all aspects of the nursing process within a collaborative, intraprofessional evidence- based practice setting.

Registered Nurses at VA are frontline leaders who are enhancing health care practices through evidence- based research. These individuals are improving the quality of life and health care outcomes of our nation's heroes. How Do I Download Pictures From Iphone To Mac Computer here. Job Duties. Ensures the delivery of direct patient care, outcomes, and education by providing oversight and direction to the nursing staff. Provides leadership to the health care team to create a comprehensive patient centered plan of care.

Utilizes evidence- based practice and research to plan, organize, and implement nursing processes. Knowledge Areas. Need to have a thorough understanding of: Health promotion and disease prevention practices. Principles of therapeutic communication. Evidence- based practice and research. Quality improvement processes.

Physical and psychosocial assessment procedures. Health care delivery systems.

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Registered Nurse Resume Builder

Health care systems and applications (e. Diagnostic procedures (e. EKGs)Human lifespan development. Principles of adult learning. Education and Licensure. Job announcements may contain more specific requirements: A degree or diploma from a CCNE or ACEN accredited nursing program (at the time of graduation) is required. An active, current, full, and unrestricted registration as a professional nurse is required.

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Registered Nurse Resume Builder

Training & Developmental Experiences. Grade Range: 1- 1. Developmental Experiences.

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Attend a workshop on empathetic listening. Explain the principle of evidence- based practice to a classmate. Complete the Myers Briggs personality assessment test. Successfully fill out a job application through USAJobs. Volunteer at a blood bank.

Volunteer at a child and an adult day care center. Training Resources* This is an internal Department of Veterans Affairs training opportunity provided to VA employees for continued career growth. Some courses may not be available if they are not in a person’s learning plan or catalogue. Grade Range: 2- 2. Developmental Experiences.

Attend a continuing education seminar on a specific disease process and present with other staff on the information learned. Recognize and educate staff on the subtle cues that indicate a non- communicative patient has inadequate pain management. Implement research findings learned from participation in an evidence- based practice journal club to update or modify standards of care. Initiate and participate in quality improvement activities at the unit level that result in improved outcomes. Mentor new nurses in completing nursing assessments in accordance with unit policy. Participate in conferences and rounds at the unit level. Serve as an active member of the Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA) medical center committee.

Research a newly implemented procedure and educate unit staff on nursing responsibilities. Identify deficiencies related to traumatic brain injury (TBI) and educate unit staff on appropriate interventions for patient care. Develop, implement, and evaluate the effectiveness of an educational plan for a new nurse on the unit and make modifications as necessary. Training Resources* This is an internal Department of Veterans Affairs training opportunity provided to VA employees for continued career growth. Some courses may not be available if they are not in a person’s learning plan or catalogue.

Grade Range: 3- 3. Developmental Experiences.

Develop a presentation on a specific health promotion or disease prevention practice and present to Veterans, intraprofessional team, and senior leadership. Research and develop a presentation on how to identify verbal and non- verbal cues that would facilitate therapeutic conversations with people of other generations and cultures. Lead a journal club and train others in the utilization of evidence- based practice. Initiate intraprofessional projects to improve organizational performance.

Develop and implement a physical or psychosocial assessment tool for a service line. Volunteer to serve as a member of the staffing methodology facility expert panel. Evaluate and analyze the effectiveness of Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA) and suggest and implement improvements to the system. Research a newly implemented procedure and educate organization staff on nursing responsibilities.