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Remove Downloads From Ipad

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Remove All Music from i. Phone, i. Pod touch, i. Pad. If you want to delete all music from an i. Phone, i. Pad, or i. Pod touch, you can handle the entire music removal process directly on the i. OS device itself, you don’t need to sync to i. Tunes or do anything fancy.

How To Remove Downloads From Ipad 3

Do be warned however, this deletes every single song and album from the Music app and from the device, so be absolutely certain you want to do this! So you definitely want to remove all music from an i.

The complete guide to theAll the features of Apple’s faster, slicker, 4G-ready iPad with Retina display. Here's the easiest way to find your offline music on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Have you set an iphone (or) ipad password that is too strong to be remembered. Then the first thing you have to do probably is to remove it from the device. The 'Other' category on your iPhone and iPad is basically where all of your caches, settings preferences, saved messages, voice memos, and

Remove Downloads From Ipad Itunes

OS device? That’s what we’ll show you how to do, it’s a few settings deep to prevent accidental access and removal of songs, but it’s easy to do in just a few steps. How to Delete All Music from i. Download Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bits Portugues Completo Atualizado 2012 there. Phone / i. Pad / i. Pod. Open the “Settings” app and tap on “General”Select “Usage” and then choose “Manage Storage”Tap on “Music” to select the song library on the i.

Locate and determine iPad unique serial number and ICCID, IMEI numbers from about screen, using itunes, packaging slip or on metal backside of ipad tablet. Get a first look at iPhone 7, Apple Watch Series 2, and the new AirPods — the future of wireless headphones. Visit the site to learn more. Downloads tilbyder dig en r Transfer iPod to PC and iPod to Mac transfer copy iphone music to pc and mac computer.

OS device. Swipe to the left over “All Songs” then tap on the red “Delete” button when it becomes visible. The total storage space taken up by the music collection will be listed alongside the “All Music” label, letting you know how much space is about to be freed up by removing all the songs. If you launch the Music app after you’ve deleted all songs from the i. Phone or i. Pad, you’ll discover a “No Content” message signifying the device is now completely empty of music. You can still use i. Tunes Radio and Apple Music or other streaming services of course.

Just remember, there’s no going back if you choose to do this without resyncing to i. Tunes or downloading songs again from i. Tunes Store or i. Cloud. Also keep in mind that if you have i. Tunes Automatic Downloads enabled on the device, any future music downloads on other i. OS devices will continue to copy over to the once cleared out list. Removing All Music from i.

Phone, i. Pad, i. Pod Touch in Prior Releases of i. OSNote that in prior versions of i. OS, you’ll find the “Delete” option in Settings > General > Usage > Music as here, but you can tap the Minus symbol next to “All Music” then tap on “Delete” to remove all songs from the device. The function is otherwise the same it just looks a little different, but it removes every single song on the i. OS device. Remember, if you don’t want to delete every song, you can also choose to delete songs on an i. Phone, i. Pad, or i.

How To Remove Downloads From Ipad 2

Pod touch on a one- by- one basis, just by swiping on a song and tapping “Delete”.

How to remove DRM from BBC i. Player Downloads? Question: Is there any way to remove DRM from BBC i. Player downloads programs to keep BBC i.

Player videos permanently without time limitations? I have downloaded some programs off i.

Player and want to remove the DRM from i. Player videos, is this possible? The DRM on i. Player programs is driving me mad! It won't even let me put programs on my MP4 player which ''works with BBC i.

Player''. How can I get around this i. Player DRM in order to save the video permanently? In general, programs are available for up to seven days after their original broadcast. Once the programs are downloaded, they will self destruct after 3.

DRM License protected'. And once played you have up to seven days to finish watching the program.

BBC Content will be automatically deleted from your computer once its expiry date has been reached. DRM Media Converter is a professional tool which is able to remove DRM from BBC i. Player downloads. E. g: If you want to enjoy BBC i. Player videos on your i. Pod, you may select MP4 as the output video format.

If you want to customize output setting, just Click . Soon, the tool will be finished the BBC i. Player crack task. Then you can enjoy BBC videos on your i. Pod, i. Phone, Android Phone, and other portable devices.

You can also burn BBC i. Player programs to DVD.

How to remove, delete or hide any app on your i. Phone or i. Pad - How to. How can I delete (or hide) Stocks, Game Center, Health, Tips, Calendar, Videos, Reminders, i.

Books, Notes, News, the Apple Watch app and other pre- installed stock Apple apps from my i. Pad or i. Phone? And can I permanently delete other apps, so they're completely wiped from my i. Tunes account? We get these questions a lot; we all hate having unwanted app icons on our i. Pad and i. Phone screens. More seriously, unwanted apps take up storage space on your i. Pad or i. Phone that you may need for other apps and media files.

Apple has historically prevented i. Phone and i. Pad owners from deleting the apps that come preinstalled on the devices: Stocks, Game Center, Notes, Calendar and so on. But that all changed on 1. September, when i. OS 1. 0 arrived for i.

Phones and i. Pads. OS 1. 0 will allow you to delete most (although not all) of Apple's preinstalled apps. This is great news, and we'll tell you more about that below.

If you don't plan on updating to i. OS 1. 0 there are still some tricks you can use to get round Apple's restrictions, although all are imperfect in some way - some are only temporary, some require you to jailbreak your i. Phone or i. Pad, others are handy workarounds rather than true fixes. Here, then, is how to delete, hide or otherwise get rid of unwanted apps and app icons from an i.

Phone or i. Pad. As well as talking about deleting apps, we'll briefly mention methods to get back apps you've deleted - even if that app has since been removed from the App Store. Here are the areas we cover in this article; jump to the bit that interests you. How to delete preinstalled apps in i. OS 1. 0 (best solution, but requires i. OS 1. 0)How to hide apps (resets itself on a restart)How to get the hidden apps back. How to set up a folder for hiding away unwanted apps (won't reset itself)How to delete apps from an i. Phone or i. Pad (but not pre- installed apps)How to delete i.

OS apps from a Mac, so they don't re- sync. How to get back a deleted app. How to delete pre- installed apps (requires jailbreaking)How to delete pre- installed apps: non- jailbreak methods. How to delete preinstalled apps in i. OS 1. 0This is great news. This is easily the best and most satisfying solution to this problem.

Read more: How to update your i. Phone or i. Pad i. OS 1. 0 now. Once you're running i. OS 1. 0, deleting Apple's own apps is easy - just press and hold the icon until it starts wobbling, then tap the X in the top- left corner. A few Apple icons still can't be deleted, but a lot can.

Read next: i. OS 9 vs i. OS 1. 0If you want to get the preinstalled app back afterwards, you'll need to find it on the App Store, then redownload it. Tips, for example, is here. Apple states that the following apps can be deleted: Calculator, Calendar, Compass, Contacts, Face. Time, Find My Friends, Home, i.

Books, i. Cloud Drive, i. Tunes Store, Mail, Maps, Music, News, Notes, Podcasts, Reminders, Stocks, Tips, Videos, Voice Memos, Watch and Weather. There are a couple of caveats to this: Contacts can be deleted from i. Phone but, presumably because it doesn't have a Phone app to look after the contact information, not from i. Pad. How to delete apps on i. Phone & i. Pad: Which apps still can't be removed/deleted/hidden? Quite a few. Activity, App Store, Camera, Clock, Health, Messages, Phone, Photos, Safari, Settings, Wallet.

How to delete apps on i. Phone & i. Pad: Are the apps really deleted?

Apple software VP Craig Federighi didn't mention this new capability in the WWDC keynote, but he discussed it afterwards with, among other people, John Gruber. And based on his comments, it turns out that preinstalled apps don't really get deleted - they're just hidden from view. You'll still save some storage space, because removing the app deletes any and all user data associated with that app. But the app itself remains - the process merely severs the link to the app from other parts of the system (such as Siri) and hides the icon. This is confusing, because - as we explained above - when you want to reinstall the app, you have to go to the App Store and redownload it. Why would that be necessary, if the app was still on your i.

Phone or i. Pad? Surely you could just flick a switch and make the app icon reappear? The answer to this is that technically you don't need to visit the App Store.

How to find and remove 'Other' files from i. Phone and i. Pad.

The 'Other' category in i. Phone and i. Pad's storage doesn't have to take up so much space. The . There is no simple way to identify and remove data in the Other storage category. With a bit of patience, you can reduce the amount of space it takes up on your i. Phone or i. Pad. Follow the steps below to get started.

How to check your i. Phone or i. Pad's storage space. You can quickly see what apps are taking up space on your i. Phone or i. Pad by checking out the Usage folder in the Settings app. Open the Settings app. Tap General. Tap Storage & i.

Cloud Usage. Tap Manage Storage. You will see, listed by size, what apps you have on your i. Phone or i. Pad. The larger apps may be the culprit for storing a lot of Other data.

How to check your i. Phone or i. Pad's storage space using i. Tunes. When connected to i.

Tunes, you can see a graph of your i. Phone or i. Pad's storage categories in the device Summary section. This is where you will distinctly see how much space the Other category is using.

Connect your i. Phone to your computer. Open i. Tunes if it does not open automatically. Click on the device icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Click on Summary in the menu on the left side of the i.

Tunes window. Hover your mouse over the Other section at the bottom of the i. Tunes window to see how much space the category is using. How to clear Safari caches and the offline Reading List.

Some culprits that takes up Other space on your i. Phone and i. Pad are history and website data in Safari. These are useful for accessing websites quickly, but are not a necessity. Open the Settings app. Scroll down and tap Safari.

Scroll down and tap Clear History and Website Data. When prompted, tap Clear History and Data.

Tap < Settings in the upper left corner of the screen. Scroll up and tap General. Tap Storage & i. Cloud Usage. Tap Manage Storage. Scroll down and tap Safari. Tap Edit in the upper right corner of the screen.

Tap the red Remove icon to the left of the Offline Reading List. Tap Delete to the right of the Offline Reading List. When you go back to your storage list, you will note that Safari no longer shows any data. How to delete Mail caches. When you use the Mail app, a cache of all the documents, pictures, and videos you have viewed on your i.

Phone or i. Pad are stored on your device. This makes reloading them faster the second time around.

But, you don't necessarily want to reopen that kitty GIF that your coworker sent you two years ago. So, you can remove the caches by deleting and reentering your email account information. It should go without saying that you will need to know your email login and password information before following the steps below (I'm looking at you, Mom).

Open the Settings app. Scroll down and tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Select the account you want to clear the cache from. It might be a good idea to do this will all accounts you have on your i. Phone or i. Pad. Tap Delete Account. Repeat the process with all email accounts you wish to remove the caches for. Under Mail, Contacts, and Calendars, tap Add Account.

Select the account type you wish to add. Enter your login information.

How to delete i. Message caches. Similar to emails, all of the pictures and videos you receive through MMS are stored in the Other category in your storage.

You can delete entire conversations, set messages to delete after a certain period of time, or delete individual images and attachments. We have a full guide for deleting i. Messages and attachments. How to restore your i. Phone or i. Pad from a backup. If you are experiencing a serious issue with an excessive amount of Other storage, you may have some corrupted data on your i. Phone or i. Pad that needs to be removed.

The best way to do this is to restore your device from a backup. You must first disable Find My i.

Phone before restoring your device from a backup. Open the Settings app. Tap i. Cloud. Scroll down and tap Find My i. Phone to toggle it off. Enter the password associated with your Apple ID.

Tap Turn Off. After disabling Find My i. Phone, connect your i. Phone to your computer. Open i. Tunes if it does not open automatically.

Click on the device icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Click on Summary in the menu on the left side of the i. Tunes window. Click on Back Up Now if your device does not backup automatically. When the backup is finished, click on Restore Backup. Select the backup for your device.