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Simplex 4005 Programming Manual

Simplex 4005 Programming ManualAverage ratng: 4,4/5 8112 reviews
Simplex 4005 Programming Manual

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Simplex 4005 Programming Manual

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SOP for filling up the order Backup Copy Material Fixed attachm.

Juspeed- F SGD SGDA SGDB SGDE SGDF SGDH SGDM V7 VCD 7. VCD 7. 23 VS mini C VS mini J7 VS mini V7 VS- 6. PB3 VS- 6. 06. PC3 VS- 6. G3 VS- 6. 16. G5 VS- 6. GII VS- 6. 16. HII VS- 6. PC5/P5 VS- 6. 16. R3 VS- 6. 26. M5 VS- 6.

MR5 VS- 6. 26. VM3 VS- 6. VM3. C VS- 6. 46. HF3 VS- 6. 56. DC3 VS- 6. H5 VS- 6. 83. GT3 VS- 6.

HV5 VS- 6. 86. SS5 WESTINGHOUSE MODEL SERIES Accuflow Accuflow Jr. Accutrol 1. 00 Accutrol 1. Accutrol 1. 50 Accutrol 2. Accutrol 3. 00 Accutrol 4.

Accutrol 7. 00 Easy Start 1. Easy Start 1. 20 Easy Start EA Easy Start EC Easy Start EJ Easy Start ES Easy Start Jr. Power Miser Power Miser 2 Startrol Startrol Power Miser WER INDUSTRIAL EMERSON ELECTRIC MODEL SERIES 1.

ARG 1. 25 1. 03. 0 1. ARG 2. 20. 0 to 8. ARG 2. 60. 0RG 3. ARG 3. 00. RG AS1. AS2. 00. 0 AS2. 50 AS2. AS2. 60 AS2. 65 AS2. AS2. 80 AS2. 90 AS2.

AS3. 00. 0 AS4. 00. AS5. 00. 0 AS5. 10. AS5. 10. 5 AS5. 12. AS5. 18. 0 AS5. 20.

AS5. 30. 0 AS5. 40. Accuspede CDE CDS CDVE Commander CD Digitax Dinverter Dominax Dynamax Eagle Eclipse ED- 1. ED2. 0S ED- 2. 0- S Electrostat ES1. ES1. 00. A ES1. 00.

ARG ES1. 23 ES1. 25 ES1. ES1. 50. A ES1. 50. ARG ES1. 50. RG ES2. ES2. 00. A ES2. 00. RG ES2. 20 ES2. 20. ARG ES2. 20. RG ES2. ES2. 25 ES2. 30. 0 ES2.

RG ES2. 60. 0FRG ES2. RG ES2. 70. 0 ES2. ES3. 00 ES3. 00. A ES3. ARG ES3. 00. RG ES3. ES5. 22. 2 ES5. 35.

ES5. 5 ES6. 0 ES6. ES6. 00. 0 ES6. 06. ES6. 25. 0 ES6. 50 Focus I (1), II (2), III (3), RG Horizon HP- CDE Laser 1 Maestro Maxi Maestro Melltrum 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Mentor 1, 2 Micro Patriot Prism Quantum I, II SP1 through SP4 Spectrum 1, 2, 3, 4 Spectrum SPEED- A- MATIC Spindax Unidrive Varidyne Vector VIP Vision WARNER ELECTRIC MODEL SERIES Bronco Bronco II CD DS 9. M 3. 00. 0 MCS Mentor Q7.

Quad R Quadraline SE 2. TCS VC Vector VOLKMANN MODEL SERIES AD- 1 AD- 2 AD1 AD2 UVC VLK 8.

VEEARC VEE- ARC MODEL SERIES MICRO 5. PWM 7. 00. 0 SUPER 7. PCxxxxx TOSHIBA TOSVERT MODEL SERIES 1. F 1. 30. G 1. 30. G1 1. 30. G2 1. 30. G2+ 1. 30. G3 1. 30. H 1. 30. H1 1. 30.

H2 1. 30. H3 G G1 G2 G2+ G2+A G2+B G3 G3+ G3. A H1 H1. 50 H2 H3 Q- FLOWSAVER (Q) Q- FLOWSAVER II (Q2) Q- FLOWSAVER S (QS) VF- A3 VF- A3. N VF- A5 VF- A5. P VFP1 VFP2 VFP2. A VFP2. B VF- S7 VF- S7.

E VF- S7. S VF- S9 VF- SX VF- SXN VF- SXS VT1. Lock Up Tamil Songs Download. E1 VT1. 30. E2 VT1. F VT1. 30. G VT1. G1 VT1. 30. G2 VT1.

The Institute of Cost Accountants. Unformatted text preview: The Institute of Cost Accountants of India. SUDDER STREET, KOLKATA - 7. Repro India Limited. Plot No. MIDC Industrial Area,Mahape, Navi Mumbai 4. India. Website: www.

Operation Management. Honing: It is an abrading operation for hole finishing done by a tool fitted with a bonded abrasivestone. Lapping: It is a surface smoothing operation by hand or machine. Painting: It will yield protective coating and better appearance. Plastic coating: This process is more durable than painting.

Plating: It is an electrolytic process. This can be done with the help of silver, chromium, cadmium,nickel and copper. Plating provides anticorrosive finish. Shot Blasting: Small shots usually in the form of iron balls are made to blast on the metal required formaking it resistance to wear and tear, remove the stresses and hardness. Shot penning: It is air blasting the small shots against the metal surface in order to increase the hardnessof surface. Tumbling: Castings are tumbled in a tumbling barrel together with an abrasive substance. The frictioncreated in this way will clean the surface.

Other surface treating processes may be such as: Buffing etc. Polishing,Power brushing,Sandblasting,Washing,Waxing. Machining Process. Machinability is described as the case with which metal can be removed. The various machining processesare briefly described below: Blanking: In this process also punch and die is used for making domestic utensils or machinecomponents. It produces necessary depressions and cut- outs.

Boring: In this case, the work piece is held by a fixture and a rotary cutter is used for boring a hole ina cylindrical shape. The existing hole may be enlarged. The boring may be straight or tapered. Broaching: The broach is made up of a bar of suitable length with a series of cutting edges on itssurface. These cutting edges are arranged progressively higher from the starting to the end and henceeach successive tooth removes an additional amount of material. This is done with the help of a cutterknown as broacher. This process also produces slots and gear teeth.

Die Cutting: It is of two types punching and Blanking type. In the punching die, the metal removedby the die is a scrap, leaving a hole in the work piece. The blanking die shears through the work pieceand the metal removed by the die is the finished work piece. Overview of Production Process. Drilling: The work piece is clamped on the work table and drill is fed into for generating a hole andenlarging an existing hole. It is the operation of making a uniform hole through the work piece withthe help of a cutter known as drill bit. The hole can be made by rotating the job also.

Facing: Facing is an operation of producing a smooth flat surface on the face of the job. Flame cutting or gas cutting: It employs an oxyacetylene torch, which may be directed either by handor pantograph and cuts up to 4. Flame cutting is an inexpensive method. Gas cuttingis the process of heating the metal to red hot temperature and then oxidising it by an oxygen jet. Themetal oxide is removed by the pressure of the oxygen jet.

Oxyacetylene flame is used for heating. A jetof high pressure oxygen is used to effect the cutting. Grinding: It is a process of removing the metal form and finishing the surface of a metal object by agrinder with the help of abrasive wheel rotating at high speed.

It produces smooth and accuratesurface finely finished at a quicker rate. It is suitable for repetitive jobs and for mass production.

Grinding may be done on the job of any size or shape and on internal as well as external surfaces. Itensures high dimensional accuracy and surface finish. Normally the grinding follows some othermachining like turning and milling etc. Milling: Milling is a method of removing metal with a milling cutter in order to produce specificshape. The function of milling is to dress a flat or other surface to a fine finish, surface forming of gearteeth, keyways etc. Parting: In this process, a parting tool or hack- saw is used for cutting off a part from the job. Plaining and Shaping: In shaping, the tool is reciprocated while the work piece moves straight forwardat each stroke.

In Plaining, the work piece reciprocates while the tool is moved for each new stroke. The shaper takes small work pieces and the planer takes larger work pieces. Punching: It produces cut- outs or perforations on plate surface e. In this process, a multiple point cuttingtool called Reamer is used.