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User Manual For Verifone Vx510

User Manual For Verifone Vx510Average ratng: 4,6/5 2681 reviews
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Louis, Saint Louis, MO 2. How do I implement the manual sale process? Veri. Fone/Omni. 1.

Sale screen will display. Swipe or enter account number. Type in credit card number and press enter. Expiration date will display next.

Type in the expiration date MM/YY. Imprint card or press “Enter” key on terminal. Type in amount of sale. Press “Enter.” (At this point you may be prompted for the address)1. Type in street number.

User Manual For Verifone Vx510

Press “Enter.” Terminal will begin to process sale. Note: If you do not have the address or Zip Code, those steps can be bypassed by pressing the “Enter” button. Hypercom. 1. Screen says “Swipe Customer Card.”2. Type in credit card number.

Type in the expiration date. Press “Enter” to bypass. Type in sale amount and then press enter. Type in address number (Example: 1. Enter.” (If address is not available, press enter to bypass)1. Type in Zip Code and press “Enter.” (If Zip Code is not available, press enter to bypass)Veri. Fone/Nurit. 1. Screen reads “Credit, Sale, Account.”2.

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Type in credit card number and press enter. Expiration Date, type in MM/YY from card. Screen reads “Card Present.”5. Screen reads “Amount.”7. Type sales amount and then press “Enter.”8. Screen reads, “Address”9. Type in house number (Example: 1.

I have an idea that is going to be 99.9% fraud free, whether it be keyed in or swiped. All of the ideas now by Visa and EMV are cute, but as a consumer, I want to be. VeriFone Merchant Manual VX 520 Terminal for XEPT/SEPT410 Application JULY 2013.

Enter” to bypass. Screen reads “Zip Code.”1. Type in Zip Code or press “Enter” to bypass. Screen should read “Processing.”2. How do I utilize the refund process?

Hypercom. Press refund key and follow prompts on screen. Swipe or enter account number of card. Press “Refund/Return” key. Swipe or enter account number.

Voids can only be done if sale to be voided is in current batch. Voiding the first sale of a batch will cause issues settling later. Hypercom. 1. Press the void key and enter the invoice number found on the original sales receipt.

Some models may require you to press enter to confirm. Veri. Fone/Omni. 1. To void the last transaction, press Yes (F1) or Press No (F2) if selection is not lasttransaction. Account, Invoice and Amount will be displayed. Select your preferred method of retrieval.

Press the up arrow four times. Swipe or enter the account number and follow the prompts on screen. What do I do if the Comm Server Failed? First, restart terminal. If this step fails, try the following: 1. Unplug router and modem and terminal.

Reconnect router and modem and wait for lights. Check Internet port on machine and look for flashing yellow light. If above fails to yield results, change Ethernet cord. Make sure port 4. See router instructions or contact ISP. If you still have issues, call Terminal Support at 1- 8. BANCARD for change of Primary Authorization/Settle IP Addresses.

What do I do if the Settlement Failed / INV Balance? Contact Terminal Support at 1- 8. BANCARD. 6. My Omni terminal has a “Comm Error.” What do I do?

Check phone for dial tone . Enable blind dial: from sales screen, press the purple “More” key twice. Select “Other Setup.” Enter your password if prompted.

Press the purple “More” key once. Screen will display 1/7. Press purple “More” key until “Blind Dial” is displayed. Press Edit (F3) Select On (F1). Press OK to save changes (F2). Press red “Cancel” key until sales screen is displayed.

I have no host connection, dialing primary/secondary. Make sure line is analog type.

Check phone cord connection between wall and terminal. Remove splitter if applicable. If DSL is present, make sure a DSL filter is plugged into wall jack. Have line checked by the phone company. What do I do if the IP connection failed? From sales screen, press the Number 6.

Press the purple “More” key until “IP HOST” is displayed. Press “Next” key (F2) until screen displays 3/3.

Press the green “Enter” key. Press Next (F2) until Primary is displayed. Press red “Cancel” key until back to sales screen.

Note: You may use these URLS: IGUSPRODA. GLOBALPAY. COMIGUSPRODB. GLOBALPAY. COM6. 4. My display says “Waiting”? Move equipment closer to a window.

Power down terminal. Take sim card out of terminal then put it back in. Restart application: Press menu until “Credit . Account” is displayed. Press Menu once more. Enter Password (Default DDMM or MMDDYYYY)7. Press the number 9 NOS Menu.

Terminal will load GPRS provider. Select “Manual” at prompt or “Default or Manual.”1. Type V1. GLOBALM2. M. NET. 1. 3. The display reads: Credit/Debit. Press the key next to Credit/Debit F2.

If previous step doesn’t help, press the key next to F3. The display reads: PIC UP.

Another form of payment will be required. The display reads: Call ND. Call 1- 8. 00- 9.

Credit Card Terminal Machine Manual for Verifone Vx. User Manual 2. 32. Veri. Fone Part Number 2. Revision BOmni 5xxx and Vx.

Vx. 6xx. Installation Guide All rights reserved No part of the contents of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without the written permission of Veri. Fone Inc. The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice Although Veri. Fone has attempted to ensure the accuracy of the contents of this document this document may include errors or omissions The examples and sample programs are for illustration only and may not be suited for your purpose You should verify the applicability of any example or sample program before placing the software into productive use This document including without limitation the examples and software programs is supplied As. Is. Veri. Fone Inc. Gateway Place Suite 6.

San Jose CA 9. 51. USAwwwverifonecom. Veri. Fone Part Number 2. Revision BOmni 5xxx and Vx. Vx. 6xx Installation Guide.

Veri. Fone Inc. Veri. Fone the Veri. Fone logo Omni Veri. Centre Verix and Zon.

Talk are registered trademarks of Veri. Fone Other brand names or trademarks associated with Veri. Fones products and services are trademarks of Veri. Fone Inc. All other brand names and trademarks appearing in this manual are the property of their respective holders. Comments Please email all comments on this document to your local Veri. Fone Support Team.

WARNINGDo not dispose of the Vx. Liion smart battery in a fire Liion batteries must be recycled ordisposed of properly Do not dispose of Liion batteries in municipal waste sites OMNI5. XXX ANDVX5. XXVX6. XXINSTALLATIONGUIDE3. CONTENTSPR E F A C E5. Audience 5 Organization 5 Related Documentation 6. Document Conventions 6 Acronym Definitions 7.

CH A P T E R1. Terminal Overview. Features and Benefits 1. Exceptional Ease of Use 1.

Countertop Performance in a Hand. Over Design 1. True Multi. Application Capability 1.

Wireless Connectivity 1. CH A P T E R2. Terminal Setup. Select Terminal Location 1. Ease of Use 1. Environmental Factors 1. Electrical Considerations 1.

Unpack the Shipping Carton 1. Examine Terminal Features 1. Front Panel 1. Connection Ports 1. Establish Telephone Line Connections 1.

Install the Paper Roll 1. Free Honda Cbr 125 Workshop Manual Download read more. Install. Replace MSAM Cards 1. Connect Optional Devices 2.

Vx. 5xx Optional Device Connections 2. Vx. 6xx Optional Device Connections 2. External Printers Supported 2. Connect the Terminal Power Pack 2. Smart Battery 2. Installation 2. Removal 2.

Charging 2. Battery Life 2. Install. Replace SIM Card GSMGPRS Models 2.

Antenna 3. Installation 3.

Orientation 3. Replacing the Antenna 3.

Wireless Transactions 3. Smart Card Transaction 3. Magnetic Card Reader Use 3. CONTENTS4. OMNI5.

XXX ANDVX5. XXVX6. XXINSTALLATIONGUIDECH A P T E R3. Specifications. Power 3. DC Power Pack 3. Temperature 3. External Dimensions 3. Weight 3.

CH A P T E R4. Maintenance. Clean the Terminal 3. Terminal Contacts 3. Smart Card Reader 3.

CH A P T E R5. Veri. Fone Serviceand Support. Return a Terminal or Smart Battery for Service 3. Accessories and Documentation 4.

Power Pack 4. Thermal Printer Paper 4. Veri. Fone Cleaning Kit 4.

Telephone Line Cord 4. Swivel Stand 4. Documentation 4. CH A P T E R6. Troubleshooting.

Guidelines. Terminal Does Not Start 4. Terminal Display Does not Show Correct. Readable Info 4. Smart Battery Will Not Charge 4. Blank Display 4.

Terminal Does Not Dial Out 4. Printer Does Not Print 4.

Printer Paper Jam 4. Peripheral Device Does Not Work 4. Keypad Does Not Respond 4. Transactions Fail To Process 4. IN D E X4. 7 OMNI5. XXX ANDVX5. XXVX6. XXINSTALLATIONGUIDE5.

PREFACEThis guide is your primary source of information for setting up and installing the. Vx. 5xx. Vx. 6xx series of terminals. Audience. This guide is useful for anyone installing and configuring a Vx. Vx. 6xx terminal.